Friday, July 31, 2009

A Very Short List

Today we have the martinpatrick3 list of things that remind me of Ingmar Bergman movies that I would definately keep on my couch but maybe not in my bedroom:1. These pillows.
2. Thats it.

Marked down from $145 and $195

Things Our Friends Say That Are Worth Remembering #1

"Renting a U-Haul is the second milestone of manliness, after shaving."
-R. Thomas Court, a man that doesn't even shave much.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Totes Magoats

Twin Cities Luxury and Fashion, NAY, Twin Cities Statement has a fancy new men's section, creatively titled The Men's Book, that is styled by the delightful Christopher over at Brian Graham Salon. In his almost maiden outlined photo set, he's feature not one but TWO bags from MartyP's. We've also got a couple other flavors as well and more autumnal styles on their way. Pick up a copy in your nearest grocery store checkout line or dentist's office coffee table.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Things We Like #2

Alright, I have a confession to make. Despite my position at the helm of an accessory shop and my propensity to overdress myself with hats, ties, boutonnieres, belt buckles shaped like birds, funny socks, tie bars, cufflinks and lapel pins, I've never really been that into jewellery. I went through a necklace phase a very long time ago, but for the past few years I just haven't really gotten behind bracelets, rings or necklaces (that being said, I am really excited about our newest line, Nikolai Rose). The above list features a few things that technically are jewellery, but I think you get the gist. I'm certainly not opposed to men wearing such adornments, and in fact I've admired a number of well designed pieces that we've had in the store, especially from Tateossian, that I could just not bring myself to wear. It just isn't my MO... save for one very specific type: the ID bracelet.

The primary reason I like ID bracelets is kind of tacky. Most people know that I go nuts for things that have some type of back story or historical pretext (case in point, things we like #1). The thing that tips the scale for me on such a specific piece of jewellery is that its very rare to find a person older than the age of eleven that has engraved anything on the ID plate itself. We have an item that is intended to identify its owner and yet the vast majority of such pieces live their lives unpersonalized. This fascinates me.

Now, I'm a fan of most ID bracelets, but this one has such a feeling of inconspicuous consumption that I just can't help but gush about it. If you see it on a person's wrist, its just a stainless bracelet. With a closer look though, you'll notice that this particular model has 18 karat gold studs in it: a subtle and unique take on something so recognizable.
We have several things with ID links and all are new, so the interesting lack of back story doesn't really apply. But, I hope the next person to buy one will think a more about that little plate.


Friday, July 24, 2009

You'll Have to Come to the Store to See the Resterfield

There I go with stupid puns again. Whatever.
We just pulled out some new artwork for our bare walls, although they aren't really artwork in the traditional sense. We have a series of 6 framed and matted Chesterfield cigarette ads, which had formerly been prevalent in American media but of late have been more or less invisible. These particular ads are pulled directly from the Saturday Evening Post circa 1942 and feature illustrations of prominent ladies of the era. Unfortunately, as they are from the SEP, the illustrations are sadly tame and clearly not targeted at American GIs. I guess I don't really know if Chesterfield ads got all that racy, but I'm sure some of them were a little bit wilder than Patsy Garret. These must be the family-friendly, safe-for-kids cigarette ads. Right?

$175 each

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Things We Like #1

Anyone that has been in the store recently, or ever really, knows that we're pretty much bursting at the seams with merchandise. Enough that when we moved everything down from the original location, I would still find new things one whole month after we were up and running. To this day we still have frequent patrons discovering 'new' things in the store. So it is with this in mind that I'm officially starting our first recurring feature here on the mp3 blog:
Things in the Store That We Really Like and Feel The Need to Point Out Because They Might Otherwise Get Ignored
Or for short:
Things We Like
For our first things we like feature, we'll be taking a look at my absolute favorite single item in the whole store: The Mr. Winter Document Envelope.

The first thing you should know about Mr. Winter's wares is that they are not really designed with convenience in mind. They are the kind of items that generally require the user to adapt to the function of the piece. Usually this isn't a good thing, but in the case of Mr. Winter it feels like adapting to using a certain piece will make you a better person for it. Mr. Winter are the possessions of tough, well traveled men who have seen things the rest of us have merely read about. This particular item is very simple. It is a leather envelope, but it is a leather envelope that must contain documents important enough to be kept secret from the prying eyes of fellow travelers. Not sales orders, but instructions for something no body knows about. Perhaps that is all a bit dramatic, but like I said you'll feel like a better person for using this.The second thing you should know about Mr. Winter is that each piece is adorned with a recast medallion of some kind, usually religious in origin (mostly St. Christopher). This particular icon is a little bit more unique - a two inch image from Shrine of Mary in Holy Hill, Wisconsin. This may not mean much to most, but being that I was raised both Catholic and in Wisconsin it tugs a bit at the nostalgia strings. Holy Hill, in addition to being naturally quite beautiful, has a legendary history. Tradition has it that the hill was first discovered by Father Marquette in 1673 on his return with Joliet from the discovery of the upper Mississippi. A German priest who had been recreant to his vows seeking to do penance in the new world found a reference to this hill in a strangely discovered portion of Marquette's diary; that on his way to find the hill, he was taken ill in Chicago, and when he recovered he was paralytic. He persisted in his efforts to find the hill and when found he crawled to the summit on his hands and knees and was cured of his paralysis. Every year a good number of pilgrims, some only curious, others with faith that they will be healed of their diseases, visit the hill.

Whether you believe all that is really secondary to the fact that for many people that story carries quite a bit more importance than a leather envelope, and paying a little bit of homage to that is exactly what makes it so cool.


Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'll take Buster Keaton over Charlie Chaplin, but that's because I like porkpie hats.

And speaking of depression era dandies, we received a pretty fantastic new jewellery line in the store this week. The collection, named Nikolai Rose for an amalgam of the founders' elders, was designed with men like the actors above in mind. Whether the line makes you think of foppish prohibitioners or of grunge proper, the rings, key chains and necklaces feature nicks dings and a health dose of patina. The coolest piece however, is a little pin that could be used to either hold one's tie on his shirt or to call attention to his lapel conveniently shaped like a housefly. And conveniently, you can purchase it with or without yellow diamond eyes.

$35 to $ 145

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Born on the 14th of July

Ah Bastille Day... everybody's favorite non-American independence day that isn't Cinco de Mayo. To think that revolutions could be started by storming a fort with seven prisoners using guns that aren't loaded -- only the French. I think that's why we love them.

Of course in the Tour de France its the day where all the French riders go on silly long attacks that never succeed. This morning when I left the house, there were three French rouleurs and the Russian Ignatiev off the front with a tenuous lead. Clearly that means that Ignatiev will ruin the break by not working and then going solo too early.

Enough about bicycle racing though. The main problem with le quatorze juillet, at least from a martinpatrick3 mindset, is deciding what to drink. You could just drink wine, but that seems a little pedestrian. There is always champagne, but flutes are just so formal feeling (not that has really ever stopped me, but I tend to get too dressed up for things). Besides, champagne alone seems a bit generic and year round. I mean, the only day of the year where everybody drinks champagne is New Year's Eve and it is usually quite cold in December. What we need here is something quite festive yet decidedly summery. My proposal: The French 75!

Now, I could really only find one that was in a flute, but rest assured, they are much less fussy on the rocks. In particular, the name is what draws me to this (okay, I do happen to love both gin and champagne, so I might be biased). Revolutionary holidays call for drinks named after guns and this, like its namesake, works quickly and doesn't require much precision. The best part, if you trust my feeble knowledge of French history, is that the aforementioned revolutionaries invaded the Bastille in order to obtain gunpowder and ammunition. The prospect of a French 75 or three leads me to believe that even 220 years later, their efforts should still be considered a success.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Oh My, Your Magazine is so Hot!

The newest issue of Minnesota Bride is just about to land on your local newsstand and there is one little page dedicated to gentlemanly groom things. Be sure to check it out if there is a betrothing in your near future.

The cool thing about a lot of wedding magazines, Minnesota Bride included, is that they have photos of actual weddings that have happened around town. The ceremonies look great and all, but I have something that very desperately needs to be said: Gentleman, the boutonniere goes through the buttonhole.

A Brief Word About the Greatest Annual Sporting Event

You see, the main problem in the Tour de France so far is that the 'other' main contenders failed to force Astana into yellow jersey. Now they'll take easy ride to the Alps, which really don't look that tough.

Friday, July 10, 2009

And don't the cows just love it!

One thing we've noticed here is that with the great saturation of standard layout horizontal laptop and messenger bags, there has been a pretty decent demand for a cool vertical style bag that maintains a high volume. Previously, all of our vertical bags had been of the light traveling minimalist variety, but I think we now have an alternative. This week we just got in a cool new bag from mp3 stalwarts Malcolm Fontier. It is an updated version of their lighter Entertainer bag, with a new compartment on the back, a cool wallet detail under the flap and a linen canvas lining (so your documents don't get sweaty). It still retains all the standard Fontier features like coated canvas body construction, multi-position magnetic closure and overall vegan-ness (that leather trim? not real). We also received some of their wallets in new colorways in extremely supple vegan leather.$245

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fire Safety < Fire Availabilty

One of the things we're pretty proud of here at MP3 is ridiculously cool selection of lighters. If you've been in the store, you'll certainly remember what I'm talking about. Now, I should preface this by stating that I don't really smoke, but I have been known to keep a tin of Cohiba Minis on hand just in case (in case what? I'm not sure). Regardless, not smoking isn't a good reason to not own a lighter. I was never a boy scout and even I know that sometimes you need to light a fire. But then, I have history of lighting things on fire. No, not in a good way. I digress but the point is we've got my absolute favorite lighter back in stock -- the JP Windmill.Above are the polished and black. Both are terrific, but they don't hold a metaphorical candle to king of all the Japanese lighters:

Yessiree, there it is. The forest green JP Windmill Stormproof lighter. I'm not sure why the green strikes me as that much better than everything else. Maybe its because it reminds me of camping gear. Or the army. Or something that construction workers carry along with their thermos and steel lunch box.

It packs a punch functionally as well. All Windmills have that nifty blue torch flame and stormproof really means stormproof. These babies never fail to light. This particular model also has the little compression ring, so it attaches to your car keys, boat keys, divot tool, tackle box, grill tools, purse, necklace, whatever! Just don't let the valet kid take it.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I'm not sure why we didn't get this in sooner...

The great irony today is that recently I very severely sunburned the tops of my ears. This happened because I thought it was too hot to wear my cotton summer hat and several weeks ago I lost my only straw hat. So of course, what do I unpack today? These very cool bao C-crown hats that are really light. As you can see, they are minimally adorned so as to look appropriate at Canterbury downs or a small tropical island accessible only by those nifty planes with industrial floaties (or more likely, in your backyard with brats on the grill).


Monday, July 6, 2009

TokyoBay Restock

There are some things in the store that we take for granted, such as our unfortunately finite supply of vintage cocktail shakers (I'm not quite sure what we'll replace those with when they're gone). Fortunately, the supply of cool watches from TokyoBay is seemingly infinite and we're pretty excited that we just unpacked a boxed packed with our five best selling styles, below.

If you are unfamiliar with these watches, you're clearly missing out. All TokyoBay watches feature accurate (important for a watch) and reliable Miyota movements and come in all kinds of preppy colors. Although, if you didn't go to private school, they could just be summery. Or better yet, you could make up a private school. You see that red one in the lower left? Those are the official colors of, er, Pointerbury School. For Boys. Upon Minnehaha. Right?

Now, you might wonder if you have enough Benjamins left in your wallet after you tried to buy that Patek over on the right hand of that link. The answer is Yes! The watches pictured cost a mere three quarters of a Benjamin, leaving plenty of space in your life for a fun and very unserious watch. Lucky you.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Nothing says Happy 3rd of July like beer paraphernalia.

At mp3 we'd like to think that we're a mostly classy bunch, but that may be at odds with putting on a cowboy hat and one of these babies to hit up the Taste of Minnesota. Now before you go ahead and choose your favorite cheap hipster beer to slap on your favorite belt, consider the interesting sub-genres of beer related belt buckle wearer you could be putting yourself in.

This particular trio says something like "I really love Guided by Voices and the 400 Bar."

And this set says, "I used to live in Wisconsin, but now Minnesota."

And finally this set says, "I consume these beers following my Tea and Finger Sandwiches, while Lawn Bowling."

Or maybe nobody will think about these that much and I'm taking this too seriously.

$20 each plus belt ($25-$95)